Thursday, November 13, 2008

In the beginning.....there was art.

Copyright © 2008-2009
Barbara Lemley
"Lady in Waiting"
11 x 14 original
painting on canvas

priced at 450.00

Now residing in
Markt Inderdorf Germany

12 x 14



In the beginning............ She started out as practice art. Nothing Id really show anyone. I was experimenting with rice papers and glue. I was trying out a new texture style. I glued on some rice paper, painted over it and drizzled some contact glue over the top. Well, the paper kind of warped, the paint splotched and the glue did not smooth out like I hoped.

One big mess. BUT, a funny thing happened when it started drying.

It turned out to be an award winning piece and my most favorite. Ive been asked to make a series of "And She Waits". But Im not real sure I can make a follow up. It would have to be a series of mistakes. As, In the beginning.

28 x 36 Acrylics

"Lust in Redd"

I believe in surrounding myself with sensuality, therefor I have hung this art on the wall of my bedroom. Its a feng shui thing for me. They say, if you surround yourself with sensuality, you will have romance. The day I started painting this art I met my significant other. The day I hung this piece, I knew he would be my last dance partner in life.

The most arousing thing to a man is a passionate woman. Therefore, women, do not feel selfish placing things that please you in your bedroom. Things like plush towels, new sheets, or erotic scents can have a big impact on how sensual you feel.

You can integrate feng shui into your design choices on many different levels, depending on what resonates with you. Where you move your furniture can insure harmony and flowing energy. You can shift energy and turn your home into a force that heals, restores balance, and encourages growth.

I place bamboo trees in my home for harmony and wealth. I think soft with my lighting. Deep dark colors increase yin energy in the home. The circle is curved and it spins energy outwards and is, therefore, yang. I try to keep my yin and yang balanced.

Read up on it. Its very interesting.

How to make the perfect omelette

The holidays are upon us. My favorite time of the year.
Just in time for breakfast! This isn't just a yummy blog.It's also an ambitious project to catalogue and organize nearly 100 of the best sites and posts about how to make different kinds of omelettes. From the African Potato Omelette to the Scottish Food Fortnight Omelette, you're guaranteed to snag some new ideas for some old recipes.
And yes, you CAN put all your eggs in one basket.

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